We're a software development shop crafting solutions for iOS, Android, and Web. Specializing in IoT and other hardware initiatives, Ungerware uses the latest technologies to develop best-in-class business and consumer apps.

What We Do

Ungerware works with a small number of clients, which allows us to focus on building strong relationships.We partner with both domestic and international teams around the world on mobile, web, and hardware initiatives.Ungerware has supported projects involving smart locks, BLE firmware OTA, medical record management, pest control, and valet waste management. Software contracting always involves variety!


- Native Mobile Development (Swift, Kotlin)
- Web Development (Ruby on Rails, Node.js)
- Hardware Integrations
- Systems Engineering and Project Management
- QA and Automated Testing

The Team

Ungerware's team is comprised of mobile and web developers with over 40 years of combined industry experience. As a distributed team in the United States, we work primarily through Slack, Google Meet, and gif/meme communication.


Check out our Workable page or see open positions below.

Our Culture

Ungerware is founded on the principle of enjoying our work. We want to work with great colleagues and great clients, so building and protecting those relationships is a core goal.The team is given a lot of autonomy to set their own schedule and commitments. Handle a video call with Europe, get outside for a hike with your dog, run an afternoon errand, or write some code after dinner.